What is project?

Rivet is a blockchain-based platform for recycling waste cooking oil.

It will grow as a blockchain-based platform in Southeast Asia,

focusing on the waste cooking oil market in Vietnam, and will be

presented as a methodology to reduce environmental pollution and

continue carbon neutrality.

REVIET's technical architecture consists of three main parts



  • A decentralized application that registers and scans all transactions related to the collection and recycling of used cooking oil.
  • The DAPP can be accessed via web or mobile, reading and writing information about the used cooking oil via a QR code. The DAPP communicates with REVIET's sidechain to record and validate transactions



  • It is a blockchain built using a blockchain platform called POLYGON, and the sidechain operates separately from the main chain, issues RVT coins, and operates a token economy.
  • Sidechains are connected to Ethereum through smart contracts called bridges.
  • Support for NFT issuance, trading and payment ledges



  • Support for GPS-based delivery optimization services.
  • Waste Oil Tracking Service
  • Payment services

Service Model

System Architecture 

Token economy